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About LABÉ

  • Why are LABÉ bags so unique?

The bags are made from recycled banners. Even if there are two identical models, we could never use the same piece of banner twice. Therefore, every bag is really a “one of a kind”.

  • What makes LABÉ different from other companies that make products from recycled materials?

There are several wonderful companies that make products from residual material. LABÉ is special, because of our collaboration with people who don’t fit so well in regular work places. Our products are made in sheltered employment environments. Furthermore, we are a foundation where everyone – including the CEO – earns a minimum wage, making everyone equal. This also means that our products are slightly cheaper than those of comparable projects.

  • What material are the bags made of exactly?

All our products are made from used advertising banners. Usually those are made of PVC. Many of our products are also lined and some bags have extra side- or inner pockets. Some banners are not PVC, but mash: banner material with holes, to reduce the impact of the wind on the banners when they are hanging outside. The mash banners are mainly used for the large shoppers.

  • Where does LABÉ get the material?

Companies, event organizers and all kinds of smaller or non-profit organizations donate their used advertising banners (advertising cloths) to LABÉ. Sometimes they do this because they want to have their own banners made into bags. That makes for a great gift for employees. We also receive banners that would otherwise end up on the waste mountain. We are grateful to make use of these banners and upcycle them into new, unique products, such as bags, aprons, cases and document folders.

  • Where are the bags made?

The bags are made in social sewing studios, together with people who do not fit well into the regular work field. The bags you see here come from Emmaus San Sebastian (in Spain) and from ONS label, a social sewing studio in Breda, the Netherlands.

  • Where does the name LABÉ come from?

The name LABÉ stands for “Laboratorium Abbé Pierre Emmaus”. Laboratiorium Abbé is deformed and shortened to LABÉ. Abbé Pierre is the founder of the Emmaus movement. In our organization we work according to the basic Emmaus principles. Everything revolves around the commitment to people who are less fortunate; everything we do starts with respect for our fellow man and the environment.

  • What is the link with Het Klooster Breda?

LABÉ is one of the initiatives of Het Klooster Breda, a non-profit organization, housed in a former monastery in Breda. In the monastery, we are developing a social project. With various small businesses we keep things going, including the LABÉ-project. There is also a small bed & breakfast and an apple pie bakery.

Webshop & orders

  • Why are there only Eurovision bags on the website?

We just launched this brand new website. Because the Eurovision Song Contest is now topical, the Eurovision bags have the highest priority for us. After all, it is no fun if you can only come to us for a bag for this special event in six months. For the time being, we went live with the Eurovision bags on this website. However, we have many more LABÉ products, which we are now gradually adding to the web shop. Be sure to check it out every now and again!

  • How can I pay in the web shop?

You can use different payment methods in our web shop: iDeal, creditcards or PayPal. Payments go through Mollie B.V., a recognized company that processes the billing systems for many web shops.

  • How will my bag be shipped?

We ship all products with PostNL and you will always receive a track & trace code, so you can track the status of your order. If you enter an address in the web shop, you can immediately see which shipping costs are being charged. Of course it depends on the country where the bag needs to go, and we also charge a small amount for the packaging costs.

  • Can I cancel my order?

Yes! If your order is not yet on its way to you, you can cancel it without giving a reason or being fined.

  • How do I cancel my order?

If your order is not mailed yet, you only need to send us a return form. Download the form, fill it out and mail it to info@labetassen.nl. We will cancel your order and refund your money within 14 days.
Download return form

  • Can I still return a LABÉ bag after I have received it?

If, for whatever reason, you are not satisfied with your purchase, you may return it. This is how:

  1. Download the return form from our website and fill it out.
  2. Mail the form to info@labetassen.nl, within 10 working days after you have received your order.
  3. Pack your order in the original packaging and make sure that attached labels are included.
  4. Also enclose a copy of your return form with the package.
  5. Send it back to our address: Schorsmolenstraat 13, NL-4811 VN, Breda.
  6. If we receive the package within 10 working days after your E-mail, it is okay.

We try our best to refund your money within 14 days.
Download return form