About us

3 Reasons for choosing LABÉ

  1. Each bag = one of a kind

    Every bag is truly unique, no two bags are the same! Made from used advertising banners. Skillfully put together by craftsmen. There are forty different models, but you can also contact us for custom made bags.

  2. Circular economy

    Our bags are made from recycled material. Instead of just throwing out used advertising banners, we ‘upcycle’ them to beautiful, brand new and functional products.

  3. Social goal

    Made together with people of different backgrounds in a sheltered employment environment. The proceeds benefit the charitable foundation of Het Klooster Breda.


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Het Klooster Breda – former monastery

LABÉ is an initiative of Het Klooster Breda, a monastery located in the city center of Breda (Netherlands). This hidden gem was consacrated in 1889 and home to a Capuchin Order dedicated to Franciscus de Assisi for 124 years. Nowadays, the monastery is part of the Dutch cultural heritage.

Since 2015, Het Klooster Breda is residence to a living and working community based on the ideology of Abbé Pierre’s Emmaus movement. That is: to help people who have experienced social exclusion to access their fundamental rights. The voluntary-based organization is self-supporting: it runs several income-generating activities to provide for its own maintenance.

These small businesses at Het Klooster Breda include an apple pie bakery, a bed & breakfast, space rental, and of course LABÉ: a studio that upcycles weather-proof promotional banners into bags and other accessories.

Visit website Het Klooster Breda.